Welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Ralph Gvozdenovic. I study Interface Design at Merz Akademie Stuttgart since 2012
and have created this here site to give you an impression of my work. Hopefully you will like it!

Propaganda VS Manga (2012)

As I was reading some historical reports on WW II I stumbled upon the propaganda "art" of the nazis and came to notice all the excessive gestures, poses and expressions. They reminded me of the artificial fake bodies and positions I have seen in the American and Serbian comics that had accompanied me through my teenage-days.
I was fascinated by the fact that the appeal was so alike even through the media, its use and the messages couldn't differ more. Some kind of irony forms the basis of this. I finally did a direct confrontations of comic and propaganda pictures as part of my application at Merz Akademie.

Censorship (2012)

I did do those three prints as a follow up to a visit at an exhibition dealing with the subject of censorship. A lot of reports revolve about certain countries, so I picked three of them (the worst ones, IMHO) and made my own illustrations out of it.

Redesigning The Subway Station Display (2012)

During my acceptance test at Merz Akademie I was asked to redesign the Subway Station Display without thinking about any kind of technical or financial restrictions.

Shown above is the current display. It contains the overview of all stations of that line, the current position and the traveling direction. While being basically enough it still isn't really opulent either.

Since I didn't get any limitations, I could let my creativity go nuts, so the result was an interactive display which was implemented in the armrest every seat would have in that fancy new subway train.

It displays the actual time every station would be stopped at, as well as the remaining time before doing so. Next to this you also see all other subway lines which are passing by the particular stops. If you stick your ticket into a slot, you'd get the exact station and line to your final destination marked, so that you always know when to get out and to which line to switch. Optionally you can activate the alarm (the green alarm bell), which would activate a vibrator under your seat (naughty naughty!) as soon as you are approaching a station you should get out of. No more falling asleep and missing your stop.

The Clipboard - Redesigning Copy&Paste (2013)

This is a task I was given in the second semester by my professor, Olia Lialina. She wanted us to completely redesign how copying and pasting on the PC works. The solution I came up with bases on the thought that the two main problems of the current clipboard mechanics are...

a) that you can only store one thing at a time
b) that you can't see what is stored, as the clipboard is invisible.

With these thoughts in mind the final result is not really surprising: it's a small, hidden window which can be opened if required, allowing the user to store, view or recall different data in the clipboard. Some features are a compromise between usability and functions, e.g. the limited amount of shortcuts and how they work, but in theory this approach should be perfectly enough for over 90% of all situations someone who is working with a PC should encounter.

Basically it allows the user to store data with the old ctrl+c (or ctrl+x) combination as usual, but - depending on the settings the user has picked - he is able to paste different data simply by keeping ctrl+v pressed for a brief moment and then either clicking the "clip" he wants to paste from, or simply pressing the corresponding shortcut key (1-0). If the user wants to store data in a particular clip, he can keep ctrl+c or ctrl+x pressed, and the window will open the same way, with the difference that a click or a shortcut key will overwrite the data in that clip, instead of pasting from it.

Important data can be saved by locking a clip, so that it can't get lost. And even if an accident happens, both the clipboard in general as well as each clip for itself has own undo and redo buttons, allowing the user to restore the content of the third of five clips he just used, because the third clip contained vital data, whereas the fourth and fifth did not. This spares the user of making the last three actions undone and then having to copy the content of clip four and five again.

Participation in Pole Project for Neue Zürcher Zeitung(2013/14)

In my 3rd semester the Merz Akademie articipated in an international project where student from all over the world were asked to come up with a solution for a problem which was presented by a company. In our case the Neue Zürcher Zeitung asked for a redesign of the online version of their newspaper.
My group came up with a system of linking articles by tags in some kind of "cloud", where according to the search preferences said cloud would change its shape. Next to this the site should become more of a "social community", allowing user to interact more and deeper with each other. My part was to visualize the rough ideas of my team and to set up the whole UI for the webpage.
Since I got the final requirements really late and had only about a single evening to visualize it, the pictures I made are not really what I'd call pretty, so I decided to "hide" them a bit in this PDF document.

Game Design, Balancing and other Hobbies (all the time)

In my freetime I do engage myself in many modding projects and within gaming communities. At the moment I do a balancing concept for the weapons in the game Payday 2 and in the past I did balance the weapons and thought through features for the fan-made mods Mount&Blade: Native Expansion and the mod Mount&Blade Warband: 1257 a.d..
Not only do I like playing video games, but love to create game concepts myself and reflect about the on going process of gamification. Some of my other hobbies are not the less nerdy: I did play the Warhammer tabletop game and therefore painted miniatures, but I also created some miniatures myself.


Ralph Gvozdenovic
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